New Beginnings

Unretouched before & after photos. No hair stylist or styling products used for after photos.


“I noticed significant changes in my hairline. I am amazed at how much new hair I have. It is really, really nice not to have that dull, damaged hair that I had.”


“Whether you are losing your hair or not it helps the overall condition, it makes it look fuller and healthier.” 


“I am seeing a huge difference. I can see the hair growth in my hair line. I`m really liking these results.” I`m happy about myself, more confidence, makes me look younger.”



“My hair was frazzled from the sun, chlorine from the pool…I started highlighting  (and processing) it to keep my natural color going. So this product has brought me pretty close to what I use to have. A thousand times better. I love it.”



“KerMax definitely works. I am quite shocked. It`s that much thicker and fuller. To be able to see the difference is unbelievable.”



“I know something is working really, really good. There is quite a difference in my hair. My hair looks, feels so much healthier, its fuller, it has a lot of shine to it.”



“Now I enjoy my hair cuts because I have more hair because KerMax has given me that”                              



“I would use KerMax all the time…hopefully the rest of my life. There`s no residue left in my hair, its soft and gets the volume.”



“Wow, this is really amazing, in only seven days. I now see why my husband, my friends, people at work were saying my hair looks really good.”


“It was amazing to see it (the hair growth) and it feels great. It`s growing it seems like everyday. I`m very grateful for it giving me back better hair. I would encourage anyone, in particular those who have gone through a chemotherapy…to try this product.”


“I have manageable, new hair growth and it’s just phenomenal in how simple and easy KerMax is to use. It`s a good feeling."