KERMAX™ Systems

KerMax™ Hair Treatments help to safely reverse or reduce the appearance of thinning hair and hair loss into beautiful hair you can love again. To see results starting in as little as 7 days, use the KerMax™ products as a simple, effective, daily hair care system:

System Steps 1 and 2

CLEAN thinning or damaged hair starting with KerMax™ Volumizing Shampoo followed by KerMax™ Volumizing Conditioner to help fine, thinning hair appear fuller and thicker.

System Steps 3 and 4

TREAT and visibly improve the look and feel of thinning hair with KerMax™ Essential Day Foam in the morning and KerMax™ Thickening Hair Serum at night. The Essential Day Foam helps stimulate follicles to reduce or stop excessive hair loss and promote scalp health which helps stimulate hair regrowth naturally. The Thickening Hair Serum, used at night, provides similar benefits as the Essential Day Foam plus helps nourish the scalp and balance excessive oil or dryness for improved hair regrowth potential, strength and shine.

Complete your STYLE regime with KerMax™ Styling Mousse, the first hair care product that combines the effectiveness of styling agents with hair treatment actives. KerMax™ Styling Mousse boosts volume and body to fine, thinning hair and resists humidity for lasting hold.

The KerMax™ Hair Care System is safe for all women, all ethnicities and hair types. The products are free from pharmaceutical actives, contain no parabens, are hypoallergenic and gluten-free. KerMax™ products have never been tested on animals.

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KerMax Volumizing Shampoo™

Step 1 - KerMax™ Volumizing Shampoo transforms fine hair into visibly fuller looking hair. Adds vitality, body and shine to lifeless, damaged hair and gently cleanses for a natural look and feel of healthy hair.
$24.99 (CAD)

KerMax Volumizing Conditioner™

Step 2 - KerMax™ Volumizing Conditioner boosts the volume, shine and body of fine, damaged and thinning hair. Adds vitality and prolongs the natural life of hair. Won't clog scalp or weigh hair down. Rinses clean.
$24.99 (CAD)

KerMax Essential Day Foam™

Step 3 - KerMax™ Essential Day Foam™ is formulated with KerGro 3X-a™, a synergistic biocomplex of fruit stem cells, peptide amino acids and botanical extracts to fortify, thicken and revitalize fine and thinning hair. Normalizes scalp health and restores hair vitality. Hair appears denser in just 3 months when used as directed.
$49.99 (CAD)

KerMax Thickening Hair Serum™

Step 4 - KerMax™ with exclusive KerGro 3X-p™ fortifies, thickens and revitalizes receding and thinning hair. Nourishes scalp to encourage healthy looking hair. Improves the overall look of damaged hair. Helps reduce itchy and dry scalp too.
$49.99 (CAD)

KerMax Styling Mousse™

KerMax™ Styling Mousse is a synergistic blend of peptide amino acids and concentrated organic pea sprouts to help boost volume to fine, thinning hair. Helps add body and strengthens damaged hair. Helps increase vitality and manageability to lifeless hair.
$24.99 (CAD)