Dr. Michael Carozza

B. Sc. Hon., M Sc., ND Naturopathic Doctor, Nutritional Scientist and Clinic Director


With a holistic approach to health, nutrition and chronic illness, Dr. Carozza ND is able to provide quality natural medical advice to those looking for answers to their hair loss concerns.

Dr. Carozza ND has been a nutritional scientist for almost two decades and a licenced naturopathic doctor for more than 10 years. He has a vibrant clinic and patient base in Vaughan, Ontario, an affluent community just north of Toronto.

Dr. Carozza ND has a masters degree in human biology and nutritional sciences. His unique, professional practitioner approach, utilizing evidence-based medicine, inspires his patients to make better food and lifestyle choices.

His areas of expertise are chronic degenerative disease and disease cofactors such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, stress and a particular attention to women`s health and life stage concerns such as menopause and maternity.

Dr, Carozza looks forward to provide expertise to consumers on how to integrate naturopathic counsel with the use of KerMax formulas.

For more information visit, or, make an appointment at the Vaughan Natural Care Clinic by telephone at 905 417 4000.